Give A For Social Traffic (GIFT) Is a brand new "Social GIFT System" that allows people to receive discounts, special offers and products for posting on their social network.

If you have something to give away for free, you can use this service absolutely free of charge and get oodles of free social traffic. You don't even need a website of your own!

GetItForATweet is not only a great way to get instant traffic, it's also a fantastic tool for building your following on Twitter as well.

Everyone who tweets to receive your GIFT will have the option of following you on Twitter too.

What could you give away for a Tweet?

  • Maybe you're a musician and you want a lot of people to hear your tunes. You could give away a MP3 for a Tweet
  • Wednesdays are quiet at your Restaurant, what about giving away a free drink for a tweet (when a meal is paid for).
  • Any store online or offline could give away a discount coupon for a Tweet
  • Perhaps you are selling some software program or e-book. You could give away a limited version of it for a tweet
  • Anything offered though any lead capture page could be offered for a tweet instead.

The possibilities are endless!

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