Give And You Will Receive

You can make a GIFT button to sell just about anything. Digital downloads, mp3's, video files, discount coupon codes anything that is desirable and does not "cost" you anything.

Getting your exact target customer to tell all their friends that they like your store (by tweeting about it or posting on Facebook), is possibly the best traffic that you can get online today.

Nothing Works Better Than Word of Mouth Advertising!

Even telling a customer at the till, while they have their credit card in their hand that they can save money on their order by tweeting a message, could be well worth doing. How many of their friends would come into your store to claim the same discount?

Making a GIFT button is probably the fastest way of getting your customers to follow you on Twitter.

There is currently NO CHARGE for making a GIFT button.

Here is how it works.

  1. Make a button by filling out the form here. After creating your button you will be given a line of code to place on your website and your offer will appear in our directory.

  2. Paste the button code onto your website where you want it to appear (optional as your listing will automatically appear in the directory of offers).

  3. A visitor sees your offer and clicks the GIFT button.

  4. The visitor then sends a message about your offer twitter (or Facebook) along with the URL to your GIFT offer page in the directory.

  5. The visitor also automatically follows you on Twitter (unless they un-check the follow box on the form).

  6. After posting the message, they are redirected to the download URL that you specified in the form. This is where you deliver what you offered and needs to be a file on your own website. If you do not have a website, contact me here for a low cost custom solution

Just ONE tweet is all that you could need to start an avalanche of social traffic to your website or offline store. One person tweets and all their followers see that they too can claim your offer... simply for tweeting.

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