GetItForATweet is a simple tool that uses the awesome power of Twitter. Twitters' TOS must be followed at all times. Particularly you agree that you and your Service will follow these four principles:

  • Don't surprise users
  • Don't create or distribute spam
  • Respect user privacy
  • Be a good partner to Twitter

GetItforATweet must never be used to generate "spam" as defined by Twitter. Above all, you must always deliver what you promise and what you deliver must be acceptable content.

Acceptable Content Guidelines

  • You **MUST** be the copyright owner of the content or have express permission to distribute the content.
  • You **MUST NOT** use this service to distrubute content that is pornograghic, material of violent content, “extreme” political content, anything racism or hate related or anything not suitable for Minors, even if you are the copyright holder.
  • You **MUST** be the copyright owner of the content or have express permission to distribute the content. (so important that it is here twice).


  • GetitForATweet is not responsible for the content provided by the content owners. We provide a link to report offending content and will remove any as soon as possible.
  • We cannot guarantee that this service will always be available, high server load can even bring Twitter to it's knees.


  • Your name and email address are stored in the database when you create a form. We will never pass this information to anyone. (see our privacy policy for full details on how your privacy is respected).
  • We do not have access to any of the information of people using the getitforatweet system to obtain content.
  • GetitForATweet does not post any Tweets or posts on Facebook without the users authorization.


You have to obey the rules of Twitter:

We have the right to delete GetItForATweet buttons at any time without notice.

Last Update 28/03/2013

We reserve the right to update the terms at any time.