Viral Social Traffic

Viral Traffic and Viral Marketing and pretty much common place terms these days, but it was not so long ago that anyone who wanted to offer anything that could potentially generate viral traffic for a customer, would have to convince the customer that viral marketing had nothing to do with computer viruses.

It seems silly now, but go back 4 or 5 years and the term "viral marketing" was pretty fresh and not many people really knew what it was.

Most people know what "viral marketing" means now. It's the idea of spreading your message like a virus. Making it so that everyone who see's your message passes it on (has to pass it on) to everyone that they know.

For this to happen, there has to be something "in it" for the person who is spreading the virus. (I mean message). There has to be some reward to motivate someone to pass on a message.

Possibly the most viral thing on the Internet right now is "cute cats", upload a video of your cat being cute to You Tube and you'll have 100,000 views in no time.

Why is this? What is in it for the people who have to tell all their friends about yet another cute cat video?

I can't claim to know the reason why for everyone, but it probably has something to do with wanting to be liked / popular. "I saw this video and it made me laugh... I want you to laugh with me".

If cats could talk and add commercials to the end of their video, every cat owner would be rich... I mean, how viral would that be?!?

Check out this talking cat!

But, alas, they can't and unless you're selling cat food, no-one is going to pay any attention to any thing that you try to sell them while they are watching your cat being cute.

However, understanding why people just have to pass on that video of that cute cat to all their friends, will help even those who hate cats to make their own Viral offers.

If you can make an offer that will give Kudos to anyone who tells their friends about it, that offer will go viral.

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